No Mow May


WHAT is No-Mow-May?

  • No-Mow-May is a conservation initiative to promote healthy habitat for people & pollinators.
  • Residents let their lawns grow – just during the month of May.
  • Let wildflowers blossom for pollinators.
  • Register by Friday, April 21st!
  • Call 607-753-1741 to register.

WHY participate?

  • We rely on bees & their allies to pollinate 100 crops nationwide.
  • Steep declines in insect populations affect our food production.
  • We protect pollinator food supplies & habitat, so we can sustain our own.

HOW to participate? 

  • Register with the Code Enforcement Office. 
  • Phone 607-753-1741 by Friday, April 21st to receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Post your certificate at your front door or window. 
  • Let the lawn & wildflowers grow during the month of May. 
  • There is no cost to sign-up!
  • During May 2023 – If you register, you will not incur a lawn code violation for grass over 6” tall.
  • The program ends May 31st
  • Be sure to Mow your Lawn by Monday, June 5th.

Download No Mow May Brochure Here