Environmental Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Meets at 7:00 p.m. 1st Monday of every month 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - 251 Port Watson St. Cortland, NY 13045 

2023 Meeting Dates 

Monday January 2, 2023 

Monday February 6, 2023 

Monday March 6, 2023 

Monday April 3, 2023 

Monday May 1, 2023 

Monday June 5, 2023 

Monday July 3, 2023 

Monday August 7, 2023 

September --- No Meeting --- Labor Day Holiday 

Monday October 2, 2023 

Monday November 6, 2023 

Monday December 4, 2023

Bylaws & Statement of Purpose

The City of Cortland Environmental Advisory Committee was established by resolution of the Common Council on December 1, 2009. The Committee shall consist of no fewer than 5 and no more than 7 regular members. The Mayor shall serve as a committee member ex officio. The regular members of the Committee may elect one of their own as Chairperson pro tempore. A majority of regular Committee members shall constitute a quorum.

Vacancies will be filled by appointment upon nomination by any member of the Council or Committee, and may be subject to confirmation by the Common Council. Committee members shall be City residents, and every effort will be made to ensure representation by a broad cross-section of the community. Non-residents with special expertise may serve as advisors to the Committee. Committee members may be dismissed for cause by affirmative action of the Common Council.


The purpose of the Committee shall be to:
  • Provide information and advice to the Council, upon request, in order to aid the Council's deliberations when considering municipal policy actions that may have an impact on City or County environmental resources.
  • Monitor local and regional developments that may have a detrimental effect on the City and its environment and bring those activities to the attention of the Council.
  • Study and report on new technologies and practices that may offer environmental advantages to the community.
  • Promote efficient resource management and public cost-saving measures that will also provide environmental benefits.
  • Advocate for a responsible balance between sustainable economic growth and prudent environmental stewardship.
  • Educate citizens and the Council about the importance of protecting, maintaining and improving our environment and the potential consequences of neglect or abuse.
  • Encourage wise use of natural resources by the City, its agencies and the public.