Muti-Family Fire Inspection Hazards Checklist (Three or More Dwelling Units)

  1. Smoke detectors are required at the ceiling level in all sleeping areas, immediately adjacent to all sleeping areas and one on each floor including the basement.
  2. Carbon Monoxide detectors are required in dwelling units or sleeping units that contain a carbon monoxide source, on each story that contains a sleeping area, additionally on each story which is located in whole or in part on the same story as a carbon monoxide source which contains a sleeping area. The carbon monoxide alarm shall be located within 15 feet of the sleeping area. More than one carbon monoxide alarm shall be provided where necessary to assure that no sleeping area on such story is more than 15 feet away from a carbon monoxide alarm. In addition, a carbon monoxide alarm shall be provided within each sleeping area that contains a carbon monoxide source.
  3. Fire extinguishers are now required in multi family dwellings (a minimum of a 5-pound ABC dry chemical or 3 gallon water extinguisher is mandatory). Fire extinguishers can be placed within each dwelling or in common areas accessible to occupants.
  4. Cellar fire doors and fire rated construction shall be maintained as intended.
  5. Three story buildings shall have two means of egress from the upper floors or a working sprinkler system in basement and egress.
  6. It is the responsibility of the owner of the property to notify the Code Enforcement Office if the Fire Protection System becomes impaired.
  7. House numbers are now required on the street side of all buildings, four inches in height, placed near the entrance. It is recommended that the numbers be retro-reflective.
  8. All bedrooms are required to be a minimum of 70 square feet in area with no dimension less than 7 feet, including ceiling dimension.
  9. Each habitable room shall have an openable (window/door) facing directly outdoors. Egress doors, including bedrooms, shall not be equipped with prohibited locks and shall be readily openable from egress side.
  10. Access to bedrooms shall not be through other bedrooms.
  11. Bathrooms shall be properly ventilated by natural or mechanical ventilation.
  12. Bathrooms shall be equipped with an electrical outlet. If a new receptacle is installed in the bathroom it shall be a GFI. The laundry room shall be equipped with a grounded receptacle, if there is no ground the receptacle shall be a GFI.
  13. Electrical extension cords shall not be used as permanent wiring.
  14. Lighting shall be provided in all exit ways, including the exterior and in utility rooms, including basements.
  15. Every habitable space shall have at least two separate and remote receptacle outlets.
  16. Owners are required to provide garbage receptacles and tenants are required to maintain sanitary conditions.
  17. Heat shall be maintained to a minimum of 65 degrees between September 15 and May 31.
  18. Stairways and handrails are maintained in a safe condition.
  19. Emergency guideline booklet given to all tenants upon moving in. It shall indicate location of all exits, and fire suppression equipment accessible to the tenant. Information must be approved by a fire code official.
  20. All rental permit paperwork shall be up to date.
  21. Fire emergency guides shall be provided as outlined below.


SFC403.10.2.2 Emergency Guide

Fire emergency guides shall be provided for Group R-2 occupancies. Guide contents, maintenance and distribution shall comply with Sections FC403. through FC403.

SFC403. Guide Contents

A fire emergency guide shall describe the location, function and use of fire protection equipment and appliances accessible to residents, including fire alarm systems, smoke alarms, and portable fire extinguishers. Guides shall include an emergency evacuation plan for each dwelling unit.

SFC403. Emergency Guide Maintenance

Emergency guides shall be reviewed and approved by a fire code official.

SFC403. Emergency Guide Distribution

A copy of the emergency guide shall be given to each tenant prior to initial occupancy.