Collection of Taxes

City, County, and Delinquent School & District Taxes

A combined City/County tax bill is issued and mailed, annually, the last week of January. Payment is due in February (interest free), but may be paid in two installments, with an interest of 2.5% applied to the second half if paid anytime from March 1 through August 31. For additional interest and penalty information, please call our office at 607-756-7312. The Cortland School District turns over to the City any school district taxes remaining unpaid at March 1. The City then enforces collection of the delinquent school taxes, making the school district "whole" at November 30. Please call this office for interest information.

A tax search may be requested on any property within the City of Cortland, which will provide information regarding current assessed value, and any outstanding taxes or other charges against a particular property. There is a charge of $25 per tax search.

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