Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Cortland Youth Bureau will provide our community the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of recreational and educational programs. We will strive to provide the highest quality programs and facilities through strong and imaginative leadership. It is our desire to combine a positive environment with a rewarding experience.

New York State Youth Goals for the Year 2000

  1. To advocate for state policy that promotes youth as a top priority, and generates resources necessary in the areas of education, training, housing, recreation and health.
  2. To enhance communication between youth and adults by creating opportunities for participation in a positive environment, which promotes mutual respect of individuals, ideas and diversity leading to youth empowerment.
  3. To involve youth in community decision-making through coalitions with education, business, religious and civic organizations.
  4. To increase the amount of state and local funding directed toward families and youth, transportation, equal education, and occupational opportunities, to improve the quality of existing family and youth services.
  5. To create stronger families that are committed to personal responsibility and initiative through community programs that support better parenting skills.
  6. To increase awareness of underlying problems related to substance abuse.
  7. To empower youth through education on contemporary issues in order to become peer educators and counselors to support youth and families.
  8. To incorporate educational projects and recreational activities in an environment of openness and respect which supports a partnership between youth and adults to improve quality of family life, morals, and values of our youth.