News in Cortland NY

Radio Stations

WXHC, Hometown Radio 101.5

I-100 Classic Rock 99.9

WDRX Cortland Christian Radio 100.7

WSUC SUNY Cortland

TV Stations

News 10 Now

WTVH Channel 5 Syracuse

WIXT Channel 9 Syracuse

WSTM Channel 3 Syracuse

WBNG Channel 12 Binghamton

WIVT Channel 34 Binghamton


Public Access TV

Cortland Public Access:


Time Warner Cable:

Public Access (Cortland Channel 2) Weekly Program Schedule and Descriptions

Time Warner Cable has announced new pricing for its services. See details.

Changes in Cable Services and Stations (02-24-2014) See details.


City of Cortland Cable Commission:

Cable Commission Meetings

Cable Commission Notices


Cortland Video Club Online

Cortland Video ClubThe Cortland Video Club at Cortland High School produces programming which includes sporting events (home and away), all musical concerts in the school district, school board meetings, guest speakers, talk/ news/ magazine shows, parades, election night coverage, and public meetings. Programs appear on TW Public Access Channel 17. A schedule and some archived programs are available from