News in Cortland NY

Statement on the Federal Budget's Impact on the City of Cortland

The City of Cortland has regularly applied for and received Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding from the federal government. This is viewed as "pass through" money; the federal government relies on local entities to administer the funds appropriately within their jurisdiction. The City of Cortland uses this funding to help with emergency home repairs, we're helping businesses to become established or to grow, and we help epople become first time home owners.

President Trump's budget proposal advocates complete elimination of the CDBG program, which would effectively end the City's ability to provide similar assistance in the future. This would put even more stress on housing not just locally, but throughout the country. It would also eliminate the opportunity to assist small start-up businesses in a community like Cortland.

Meals on Wheels and other funding for seniors is targeted for reductions as well. These programs do wonders for many throughout our community and beyond. The funding that is received from our tax dollars that come back to our community is not a large amount, but it goes a long way to supporting people aging in place, which keeps communities strong.

I encourage citizens to contact their elected officials in the federal government to support the CDBG program and funding that supports the Area Agency on the Aging. When a final decision is made about next year's budget, it should take into account that while we need tanks and planes to defend the country, we also need to take care of our citizens in our communities.


Mayor Brian Tobin
City of Cortland