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2015 Downtown Parking Permits

Permit Parking in Downtown CortlandThe City of Cortland’s parking permit program administered by The Cortland Downtown Partnership provides parking permits effective in any of the public parking lots. With nine public parking lots and over 400 parking spaces, the city’s downtown lots are a convenient parking alternative for businesses, residents and downtown visitors.

In addition to three complimentary hours in downtown’s public parking lots and two hours of free parking on Main Street, parking permits are available for longer term needs. Properly displayed city parking permits hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle allow permit holders to park all day and or overnight without the worry of moving their car or getting a ticket.

The following permits are available for your convenience at 40 Main Street, second floor, Monday through Friday from 10 am- 3 pm.

Monthly parking permits may be purchased for $20.00 per month or at a discount of $15.00 per month if six or more continuous months are purchased. These permits allow parking in any of the nine public parking lots all day and overnight, following the odd/even parking regulation. You must park in either an even or odd parking spot based upon what the following morning will be either an odd or even day. The odd/even rule only applies overnight.

Downtown Resident parking permits may be purchased either annually for $360 or biannually for $180 from January through June or July through December. These permits allow parking in any of the nine public parking lots all day and overnight, and eliminate the hassle of even/odd overnight parking within designated reserved resident areas.

Daily parking permits may be purchased for $5 a day, perfect for businesses hosting clients or workshops or for residents entertaining guests. Purchases must be made by checks, made out to “Cortland Downtown Partnership”, or cash.

Revenue from parking permits funds beautification and improvement efforts to Downtown Cortland. For more information on how to purchase parking permits contact Jane Witty, Office Manager of The Cortland Downtown Partnership at (607) 299-4682 or e-mail