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Seward Delivers Funding for Cortland Repertory Theatre

State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today announced that a recently adopted senate resolution includes, at his insistence, $250,000 to assist with the “Cortland Repertory Theatre Downtown” project.

Senator Seward attended the preview performance of CRT’s current production of the play “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment” and joined Producing Artistic Director Kerby Thompson on stage before the show to announce the grant to a packed house of Theatre Guild members and supporters.

“Cortland Repertory Theatre has a storied tradition of providing the best in entertainment as well as serving as a community leader and economic driver,” said Senator Seward. “I am pleased to partner with the theatre as strides to increase its year-round programming in downtown Cortland move forward.”

The legislative grant secured by Senator Seward is being used to assist in major renovations at CRT’s downtown Cortland building located at 24 Port Watson Street, which will ready the building for year-round use. The grant is in addition to a $185,000 “Rural Area Revitalization Projects” grant that was previously rewarded. A successful capital campaign conducted by the theatre has also generated strong support.

“On behalf of Cortland Repertory Theatre and its ‘CRT Downtown’ capital campaign committee, we are so grateful and honored by the news of the funding obtained by Senator Seward.” Thompson said. “Sometimes it seems when our campaign committee is at wits end, a gift like this comes along and our energy for our campaign is renewed. As those in Senator Seward’s district know well, he has always supported so many local endeavors in the arts, education, recreation and economic development – this project envelops all of these worthy sectors.”

“Along with providing top-notch entertainment that helps expand our region’s growing tourism sector, Cortland Repertory Theatre works closely with area youth providing them an educational introduction into the world of theater and vital life skills. This type of activity is exactly what businesses and families consider when deciding on where to open shop or raise a family,” Seward concluded.

Senator Seward at CRT