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2012 Empire State Senior Games

The 2012 Empire State Senior Games event is close to beginning for the 30th year, most of which has been spent in Cortland.  Many of the participants will begin arriving next Tuesday, June 5th with the majority of the events slated to begin on Wednesday, June 6th.   

“There have been a couple of setbacks this year – we found out just about a month ago that our Track & Field coordinator was unable to assist with the games.  We are very fortunate to have Ron Reed and John Bush from the Cortland High School Varsity Track & Field team step up and offer to help us.   Not only does it show a commitment on their part to the sport, but it also goes to show what kind of people we have in this community.  Tom Spanbauer and Manny Lann did the same thing for us last year and agreed to come back again in 2012 to help.  We really have great, sports minded people in Cortland!” said Machell Phelps, Executive Director of the Cortland Regional Sports Council.  

The Games are slated to run June 4th through June 10th, 2012 with events taking place at SUNY Cortland’s campus, Walden Oaks Country Club, Cort-Lanes Bowling Alley and Lime Hollow Nature Center. 

 The website for information on the Senior Games – – was constructed and is being hosted by Plan First Technologies of Cortland.  “Doing business within our community to support the Games was one of the first decisions we made.  Much of the purchasing for merchandise, printing and services was done from local vendors.” said Phelps.  “That philosophy will continue as we progress.”

There is still a need for volunteers to help officiate Pickleball and a short clinic on officiating will be held Tuesday, June 5th in the afternoon.  Pickleball take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so there is ample opportunities to volunteer. 

The other event needing volunteers is Volleyball where assistance is needed on Saturday, June 9th in the afternoon.  Please call (607) 756-1864 or (607) 753-8463 if either sport is of interest.  “There are still plenty of volunteer opportunities available, so let us know if you want to be a part of the Senior Games!” stated Phelps.  “It’s a huge undertaking, but with the support of our community, it will be a success – we are sure of that.”