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Governor Cuomo Launches Central New York Regional Economic Development Council

Cortland Mayor Susan Feiszli Appointed by Governor to Participate Over the Next Two Years

Albany, NY (July 26, 2011) [Edited July 27, 2011 for Cortland release]

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched his Central New York Regional Economic Development Council, which will redesign the relationship between the state government and businesses to stimulate regional economic development and create jobs statewide. The Governor was joined by Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy, local officials, business leaders, and community members to launch the Regional Council at the Convention Center at OnCenter in Syracuse.

Mayor Susan Feiszli is one of three Mayors appointed by Governor Cuomo in the five Counties which include, Cortland, Cayuga, Madison, Onondaga and Oswego.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to encourage and promote economic growth in Cortland by contributing to a plan for expansion of business creation and development in the Central New York region,” said Mayor Feiszli. “This is a big deal, and it will help us reestablish New York as a place where our children can grow into successful adults that will want to stay and contribute to the State’s economy.”

"For too long, Albany has imposed one-size-fits-all economic development plans across the state, ignoring the unique assets and challenges of each region," Governor Cuomo said. "Today, we are taking a new approach. With the Regional Councils, we will empower individual areas like Central New York to chart their own course for job creation and growth and we will send a clear message that New York is open for business."  

Each Regional Council will develop a plan for the development of their region. The state will work with the Regional Councils to align state resources and policies, eliminate unnecessary barriers to growth and prosperity, and streamline the delivery of government services and programs to help the Regional Councils carry out their plans for development.  Each Regional Council will be chaired by Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy and will be led by two Regional Co-Chairs from the business and academic community. Additional membership is comprised of local leaders from business, academia, labor, agriculture, nonprofits, and community-based organizations.

Governor Cuomo has already made historic changes to the state's economic development grant application process to support the Regional Councils. Through a new Consolidated Funding Application that combines resources from dozens of existing programs, the Regional Councils can now apply for $1 billion in state funding for projects they determine to be part of their regional strategy.

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Syracuse University and Co-Chair of the Central New York Regional Council, said, "Governor Cuomo's regional approach is exactly what we need to jumpstart growth and create jobs. Our Regional Economic Development Council will take cross-sector collaboration to a whole new level by leveraging the expansive array of public-private partnerships we've been forging throughout the region and tapping Central New York's strengths. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Rob Simpson and all the exceptional community and business leaders who are already collaborating in unprecedented ways to remake our regional economy."

Rob M. Simpson, President of CenterState CEO and Co-Chair of the Central New York Regional Council, said, "Governor Cuomo's regional plan recognizes that New York's economy is as diverse as its citizens and too complex for Albany to take on alone. The challenges and opportunities facing Central New York are unique and require more than one-size fits all investments by the state. By engaging our region's business, academic and public sector partners, the Governor will get the best from Central New York and we will be a vibrant contributor to New York's overall economic health. I applaud the Governor's leadership on this and look forward to working together to forge a more business-friendly Empire State."

To learn more about the Regional Councils, please visit

Mayor Feiszli asks that local businesses start thinking about what tools they need to help them grow and promote Central New York’s individual economic value. Please share your ideas with her via email at or by calling 607.758.8374.