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The Cortland Public Education Foundation Awards Six Grants Totaling $6,000

Cortland Public Education FoundationThe Cortland Public Education Foundation (CPEF) has awarded six grants to teachers in the Cortland City School District totaling $6,000 for Fall 2010. The CPEF provides program grant funding opportunities to teachers, staff and administrators of the Cortland City School District which support innovative classroom and curriculum projects promoting educational excellence in students. CPEF funding comes from private fundraising that does not involve taxpayer dollars in the normal scope of the school operating budget.

Fall 2010 CPEF grants include the following:

Family Book Club Nights ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writers: Corena Morse, Shannon Bush, Bea Busch
Sponsor: Cliff Kostuk, Principle
School/Level: Randall Elementary School (K-3)

Family Book Club Nights will consist of a reading series that provides families with an opportunity to
experience reading together while fostering reading habits and skills in students. In addition to
developing a love of reading, Family Book Club Nights aims to strengthen the home-school
connection through the literacy initiative. CPEF grant funds will be used to purchase materials for the

“Be Aware, Math is Everywhere” ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writer: Tom Vakkas
Sponsor: Kevin Yard, Principle
School/Level: Parker Elementary School

The “Be Aware, Math is Everywhere” program uses math video clips to engage fourth grade students
in problem solving and problem posing activities. Video clips which illustrate the presence of
mathematics in everyday life are developed and used to pose math problems and explore possible
approaches to solutions. CPEF grant funds will be used to purchase mini-video cameras and a laptop
computer to process and save student videos.

West African Drumming ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writer: Jennifer Rafferty
Sponsor: Kevin Cafararo, Principle (7-8)
School/Level: Cortland Jr./Sr. High School

The West African Drumming grant supports a new segment in the General Music curriculum and
assists in the development of the West African Drumming Ensemble. Music, dance, singing and
studies of Ghanaian culture are incorporated into the curriculum. CPEF grant funds will be used to
purchase handmade, authentic West African Djembe drums.

“Documenting Our Community” ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writers: Amanda Triplett, Kim Gryko
Sponsor: Greg Santoro, Executive Principle
School/Level: Cortland Jr./Sr. High School

“Documenting Our Community” is a film production project being developed for students in the
Writing Studio program (English students grades 9-12), the R.B. Ink Peppers Writing Group and
other students who are interested in creating documentary films. Students will be educated in
memoir and film script writing, interview techniques and the use of the Macintosh platform as
community documentary films are created. CPEF grant funds will be used in conjunction with
R.B. Ink Peppers financial support to purchase a Macintosh laptop with i-Movie software.

Realityworks® RealCare® Baby II ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writer: Jill Pace
Sponsor: Greg Santoro, Executive Principle
School/Level: Cortland Jr./Sr. High School

The Realityworks® infant simulator provides hands-on realistic experiences in infant care, parenting,
child development, family health and other important units within the Family & Consumer Sciences
and Health programs. CPEF grant funds will be used to purchase the Realityworks RealCare® Baby II
model kit.

Literati: Literature Discussion Group ($1,000 Grant)
Grant Writer: Megan Bottle
Sponsor: Greg Santoro, Executive Principle
School/Level: Cortland Jr./Sr. High School

Literati is a literacy initiative to develop student reading and leadership skills through a discussion
group. The group, or reading club, also allows teachers of all grade levels and subject areas the
opportunity to extend extra credit opportunities and additional reading support to students. CPEF
grant funds will be used to purchase reading and discussion materials.

CPEF raises monies throughout the year with two main fundraisers being an annual summer golf
tournament and currently, a raffle with a drawing on December 1. Donations are also accepted, with
all contributions being tax deductible. For further information visit or contact CPEF Board President Andrew Polley by email at