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Cortland Rental Housing Permits

General Provisions:

The City Council (Council) has determined that there exist in the City of Cortland issues arising from the rental of dwelling units that may be substandard or in violation of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, the New York State Multiple Residence Law, or other state codes or local codes; dwelling units that are inadequate in size, overcrowded and dangerous, that tend to promote or encourage deterioration of the housing stock of the City, create blight, excessive vehicular traffic and parking problems and that tend to overburden municipal services. The Council finds that the City has transient residents, many of whom occupy rental housing within the City and whose members have generated a disproportionate number of complaints of public nuisances, including but not limited to noise, property damage, and property neglect; that the current Code of the City of Cortland lacks sufficient incentives for owners to regulate the conduct of their tenants; and that the City Code lacks sufficient safeguards on the population densities of rental housing. The Council further finds that current City Code provisions must be enforced to halt the proliferation of such conditions and that the public health, safety, welfare, good order and governance of the City will be enhanced by enactment of the regulations set forth in this chapter, which regulations are remedial in nature and effect.

For complete information, see Chapter 102 of the City of Cortland Code Book online,