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Natural Gas Exploration Seminar: Marcellus Shale Gas - Geology; What is Down There?

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An educational seminar on natural gas exploration is scheduled for Monday February 1st, from 6pm to 8pm at the New York State Grange Headquarters in Cortland, NY. The seminar will identify some of the concerns facing our region’s water resources, the geology of the shale layers and the techniques used to extract gas from the shale.

With the recent buzz of activity surrounding natural gas exploration it is important for landowners to understand what will be happening on their land and in their communities. While there is sure to be a positive economic impact on the region, it’s vital to examine the effects gas exploration activities will have on water resources, the rural landscape, personal interests in private property and infrastructure, just to name a few.

William M. Kappel, Hydrologist and section chief with U.S. Geological Survey, will be on hand giving a presentation entitled “Marcellus Shale Gas 101”. Mr. Kappel will be discussing where black shales are found in New York, the mechanics of drilling in shale formations and the concerns of habitat fragmentation and pipelines on the region’s rural landscape. He will go into the technique of “slickwater” hydrofracking including the huge quantities of water needed for the process and where it may come from, the quality and means of treatment of flowback and formation waters and, in general, the potential impacts of gas exploration and extraction activities in relation to the region’s water resources.

This seminar is sponsored by the Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). If you have any questions about the seminar or any of the services or programs provided by the SWCD please call 607-756-5991 or visit the website at

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