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East End Community Center Cookbook

The East End Community Center is pleased to announce the creation of their first ever cookbook which will be available, hot off the presses of Cortland Press/ Carbon Copies, at the Great Cortland Pumpkinfest this Saturday and Sunday at Court House Park.

According to East End Center Board Member Linda Stock, who is the brainchild of this project, the cookbook was definitely a labor of love. Titled “A Taste Of Tradition,” the book is filled with tried and true recipes of Cortland residents. When asked how she came up with the idea, Linda shared that she is an avid collector of cookbooks and her favorites are always the cookbooks created by organizations and communities. She has found that the recipes in these books tend to be the best, as they traditionally have been handed down to family members and cherished over the years. Many recipes have stories attached to them and preparing these recipes bring back warm memories of family gatherings and days gone by.

The cookbook is dedicated to Jimmy Partigianoni who was the impetus behind the creation of the East End Community Center in 2005. Besides the recipes, the book is filled with historical photos of East End residents which makes it a true collectors item. Stock anticipates the first 150 books going fast this weekend and plans are in the works to order a second batch as soon as they are gone, “just like hot cookies out of the oven,” Linda says with a smile.

To find the cookbook, look for the East End Community Center’s booth at the Pumpkin Fest (booth 96). After the festival, the cookbook will be available at the Cortland Youth Bureau, 35 Port Watson Street, and at the Community Center (during the hours of the indoor walking program starting October 19th). For more information, call 607-753-3021.