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Tulips That Teach

A Cortland Area Communities That Care Coalition announces Plant the County Red Spring 2009 Campaign Contests.

CACTC is launching its Plant the County Red Spring 2009 Campaign with two contests: Tulip Photo Contest and Find the Tulips. Photo contest entrants are asked to submit photos of red tulips found blooming within Cortland County. Tulip finders will submit lists of red tulip locations with the County. All submissions should be sent to Judie Murphy at or mailed to her at Catholic Charities, 33-35 Central Avenue, Cortland, NY 13045 by May 25. Prizes will be awarded to the best photos and the longest verifiable lists of locations. Full details on contest rules may be found on the Coalition website at or by stopping by Catholic Charities, emailing or calling Judie Murphy at 756-5992 ext.25.

Why red tulips? Why contests? The color red is often used to communicate the need to stop and/or be careful. April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Abuse of alcohol is a huge public health issue throughout the United States. April is also the beginning of the annual prom and graduation season. Adults and youth need to stop, discuss and work together to keep these rites of passage healthy, safe, and memorable.

Tragically, proms and graduation parties are sometimes be marred by disasters that could be avoided by shunning underage drinking, binge drinking, and/or use of other drugs. CACTC recognizes that parents and other concerned adults want youth to have wonderful memories of these events. Modeling appropriate behavior, setting clear expectations, and ways to handle challenges are just a few of the ways to protect young celebrants. Find the Tulips and the Tulip Photo contests are designed to support such intergenerational conversations. Take pictures, provide addresses, but, most of all, talk to the teens you know and love. For specific strategies, visit, call CACTC Project Coordinator Judie Murphy at (607) 756-5992 x25, or e-mail