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City Parking Permits

The City of Cortland’s parking permit program administered by The Cortland Downtown Partnership provides parking permits effective in any of the public parking lots. With eight public parking lots and over 400 parking spaces, the city’s downtown lots are a convenient parking alternative for businesses, residents and downtown visitors.

Properly displayed city parking permits hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle allow permit holders to park in a city parking lot all day without the worry of moving their car or getting a ticket, however nighttime parking regulations still apply. This means that you need to be parked in the designated odd or even night section of the lot. If it is an even night of the month, then you need to park in the odd section of the lot since the following morning will be an odd day. Also, the Main Street two hour parking rule still applies.

Parking permits can be purchased from the Cortland Downtown Partnership at 9 Main Street (The Beard Building). Permits can be purchased in monthly increments through December of each year and are good through the last day of the month they are labeled for. Permits cost $14.00 per month or a discount of $13 per month when purchased in at least six-month increments. Purchase must be made by checks made out to “Cortland Downtown Partnership” or cash.

Revenue from parking permits funds beautification and improvement efforts to Downtown Cortland. For more information on how to purchase parking permits contact Adam Megivern, Executive Director of The Cortland Downtown Partnership at (607) 753-4928 or e-mail