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Address Canvassing: Coming to Your Neighborhood

Census 2010 informationBeginning in April 2009, U.S. Census employees will visit every community during the first major field activity in preparation for the 2010 Census.

What is Address Canvassing?

By visiting addresses in every community, the Census Bureau will know where to send questionnaires and enumerators in 2010. Using hand-held computers, Census employees will walk through your community to identify the location of every housing unit. This is how it will work:

1) Employees will make a courtesy visit to each housing unit.

2) They will verify the address.

3) Using the hand-held computer, the Census employee will capture the address and GPS coordinates for the housing unit.

This is an extremely important field operation as it lays the groundwork for the success of other 2010 Census operations that follow. Address canvassing will take place in April, May and June 2009. Your cooperation and patience is truly appreciated.

Download Address Canvassing Poster