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Consolidation Report: Cortland and Cortlandville

To the Citizens of New York State from the New York State Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness

People are demanding change at all levels of government. They are frustrated by a local tax burden that is the highest in the nation. They value their communities, but want modern, efficient services at an affordable price.

Our Commission was launched with the conviction that New Yorkers are living under a very outdated local government structure. The vast majority of our municipalities were established and their boundaries set during the horse-and-buggy era. There are also outdated laws and offices for which no modern rationale exists. Over the years we have added to this outdated system, but rarely simplified, and today we have nearly 5,000 local government entities.

Substantial savings are available if we choose to modernize. Over the past year, this basic truth has been confirmed again and again in testimony, and in the 200 initiatives for change brought forward by local leaders. Because we believe that top-down reform seldom works, we sought from the beginning to learn from a process of assisting local initiatives and addressing barriers encountered. This must be an ongoing effort at the state level, because we need to better enable, assist, and promote successful practices.

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