News in Cortland NY

Cortland’s Downtown Partnership Applies for New York State Main Street Funds

Cortland’s non-profit Downtown Partnership submitted a $200,000 proposal to the New York State Main Street program this week This is the fourth year Downtown Cortland has applied for this competitive grant. Funds will be matched against private funds for facade renovations and building updates in historic Downtown Cortland.

If awarded to the Cortland Downtown Partnership up to $10,000 of state funds may be applied to each facade and up to $50,000 may be applied to interior renovations. State funds require a dollar for dollar match by local property owners. If awarded, local property owners will be invited to submit a competitive application in order to participate in this program. The priority for this round of funding is second and third story development with a focus on residential units.

“It is now time to focus on the vacant and marginally used upper stories of downtown’s historic buildings,” said Lloyd Purdy, Director of the Cortland Downtown Partnership.

The rehabilitation of residential space in historic Downtown Cortland’s second, third, and fourth stories generates a range of benefits for our community. Increased population density downtown means greater demand for the goods and services provided by downtown businesses. Increased residency rates downtown turns a day-time downtown into a 24/7 downtown activated by people working and living in their community.

With challenging economic trends across Upstate New York; refocusing development and infrastructure on urban cores like historic Downtown Cortland is an important move for local municipalities.

Most importantly the renovation of upper-story units in historic Downtown Cortland encourages the evolution of the district into a true neighborhood that supports social and cultural development along with commercial development.