News in Cortland NY

11-23-07, State of the Street Address

Every year the Cortland Downtown Partnership reviews its activities in a “State of the Street” address that showcases successful partnerships from the previous year and outlines future activities.

With local partners and the support of the Cortland community we have made downtown Cortland a more active and vibrant place to visit, work, and live. Here are some highlights from our 2007 accomplishments.

• Partnered with City Hall and local property owners to develop a $100,000 (federally funded) project that is investigating potential commercial and cultural uses of vacant second and third stories in historic downtown Cortland.

• Partnered with the County BDC-IDA to revitalize Cortland’s young entrepreneurs and young professionals with 40Below Cortland.

• Partnered with SUNY Cortland, local businesses and local non-profits to secure $500,000 in foundation funding for two years of live music performances in downtown and throughout Cortland County.

• Partnered with local businesses to produce the first ever Taste of Downtown as a part of our annual Sidewalk Festival - an event that brought more than 3,000 visitors to historic downtown Cortland this year.

• Partnered with SUNY Cortland’s GIS lab to begin development of a web-based digital model of historic downtown Cortland for use in planning, business recruitment and marketing. Received national recognition from ESRI for this project.

• Partnered with local businesses for more than $30,000 in advertising that promotes the business and business owners who make historic downtown Cortland a great place to work, visit and shop.

• Partnered with the Cultural Council of Cortland County and local artists to kickoff a County wide art trail with the Downtown Arts Tour.

• Partnered with Homer High School and SUNY Cortland’s Center for Economic Education to develop a business model competition and economics curriculum for high school students with college mentors.

• Partnered with the Cultural Council of Cortland County and the SUNY Cortland Art Department to bring a full year of programming and artwork to the newly established Beard Building Gallery in SUNY Cortland’s Main Street Campus at 9 Main St.

With continued support in 2008 from the Cortland community we look forward to adding the following projects and initiatives to our partnering programs:

• Develop a business recruitment campaign that invites businesses to downtown Cortland.
• Update and beautify downtown’s streetscape.
• Develop underutilized second and third floor capacity in downtown’s buildings.
• Advance the concept of a business innovation center/program for Cortland.
• Develop a 2008 winter event that celebrates Cortland’s unique natural resources.

In 2008, Cortland’s non-profit Downtown Partnership will continue to cultivate commerce and culture in our community through economic development, marketing, historic preservation, community development and fundraising. We would like to thank all of Downtown’s Partners for their help making 2007 an outstanding year for historic downtown Cortland.