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40Below Cortland Moves from Dictatorship to Democracy in 2008

Celebrating their one-year anniversary at Gildas Restaurant and Bar, 60 Main Street, in historic downtown Cortland, 40Below Cortland’s young professionals and young entrepreneurs elected their first-ever Advisory Board last Thursday night.

“40Below Cortland has a wealth of talent in its ranks of young professionals and young entrepreneurs,” said Lloyd Purdy a founding member of 40Below Cortland. “Electing a five member 2008 Advisory Board was challenging because all those nominated are leaders in our community and have made valuable contributions to 40Below Cortland.”

The 40Below Cortland 2008 Advisory Board is:

Lauren Mossotii-Kline
Scott Hopko
Judith Murphy
Wes Pettee
Amy Buggs

These young professionals and entrepreneurs will help set the calendar of events for 40Below Cortland, guide 40Below Cortland’s community service activities, as well as set the vision and agenda for 40Below Cortland in 2008.

“40Below Cortland provides an opportunity to socialize and network with other young professionals from Cortland,” said Mike Bidwell owner of Check Mate Private Investigations and attendee at Thursday’s open meeting at Gildas. “This group really shows the energy and spirit of Cortland’s future.”

The 2008 40Below Cortland Advisory Board is charged with making sure 40Below Cortland continues to provide social networking opportunities, community service opportunities and professional development opportunities for Cortland’s young professionals and entrepreneurs in ways that are relevant to Cortland’s young professionals and entrepreneurs.

40 Below Cortland was created by the Cortland Downtown Partnership and the Cortland County BDC-IDA in the fall of 2006. It is based on the successful models of empowering young professionals and young entrepreneurs found in communities like Syracuse and Ithaca. Those interested in finding out more about 40Below Cortland should send an email to