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Major Grant Awarded to Lime Hollow Center

11 am, Lime Hollow Center, Gracie Road. A major grant from Cortland County toward its "Ready to Grow" new visitor center campaign will be presented on April 30 by Cortland County Legislature Chair Scott Steve, with comments from Cortland County Business Development Corporation and Industrial Development Agency executive director, Linda Hartsock -- and LHCEC’s executive director, Dr. Charles Yaple.

With $350,000 raised to date from the Center’s membership, board, grants, and the surrounding Cortland and Tompkins County communities – including the innate cost of the donated, highly unique log structure itself (valued at $100,000) – the LHCEC broke ground for the new visitor center in December 2004, has completed the building’s foundation and exterior log-structure, and expects the building to be enclosed/protected by the end of May 2005…thereby completing the first phase of the project; a second phase (wrap-around porch, addition, mechanical systems, interior finishing, etc.) will commence thereafter, as the campaign allows. Fostered by its Board of Directors, the "Ready to Grow" campaign is currently underway, and included numerous sponsorship and naming opportunities for generous granting organizations, corporate sponsors, and members of the community.

While the Center intends to continue its school programs and other activities at its existing location and trailhead on 3091Gracie Road (near the Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Science) – the organization expects the new McLean Road structure and trailhead to provide Board and staff with much-needed, modern, and environmentally minded space for additional programs; the visitor center will also afford LHCEC opportunities to generate self-sustaining revenue streams such as a nature-oriented gift shop and landscaping/nursery services.

Lime Hollow Center for Environment & Culture (LHCEC) is a member-supported, non-profit organization whose mission includes the protection of unique natural assets of the Lime Hollow area (on the borders of Cortland and Tompkins Counties), LHCEC holds 377 acres of protected land, offers 7.5 miles of marked, maintained, and open-to-the-public interpretive and hiking trails. It also hosts dozens of public and school environmental and outdoor education programs each year. The organization celebrated its 10th Anniversary in October of 2003.