News in Cortland NY

April 23-27, “One Hundred Years of Music in Cortland” Exhibit

4 - 7 pm, East End Community Center, 46 Elm St. Find out more about the musical roots of your town, from the mid- 1800’s through the tumultuous years of the 60’s and 70’s. During these hours, you can also purchase copies of the “One Hundred Years of Music” program, as well as other historical programs that were held at the community center between 2005-2007, including “Memories of Migration: The Italian Story,” by Dr. Diane Vecchio, and “Perspectives on the American Tragedy.” For more information visit or call the Cortland Youth Bureau at (607) 753-3021.

Jacob and Betsy Schuhle study the display of photos and memorabilia at the East End Center’s “One Hundred Years of Music” program which was attended by over 300 music enthusiasts.