Coffee Mania
160 Port Watson St.
Cortland N.Y. 13045

Contact: Craig Brooks
Phone: (607) 756-9933
E-mail: info@cnycoffee.com
Web: www.cnycoffee.com


What we believe:

At Coffee Mania we have just a few rules that we always try to follow.

1. Be nice! We value excellent customer service and practice it on a daily basis. To us that means greeting every customer with a warm smile and a friendly heart.

2. Make excellent drinks! Every drink that we pass from our hands to yours is made with the best ingredients, and is crafted with skill and care. Quality coffee is our passion!

3. Do it fast! We know you are in a hurry, and we want you to get where you're going fast. Our baristas will make your drinks as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or friendliness.

Our mission statement is: To make the best damn coffee that money can buy with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces.