Local History

Dukes of Abruzzi

The photo is an interesting one, taken some time in the 1930's. The men pictured here were known as the Dukes of Abruzzi, referring to an area of Italy where many of their families were from. The group would get together every New Year's Eve to serenade their neighbors and relatives. Many times others joined in as they made their way around the neighborhood. Pictured here are:

front row, seated: Silvio Sardo, John Matera, Louie Lalla

middle row, seated: Charles Sardo, Nick Dadamio, Ferdinand Gabriel, Ralph Giamichael, John Monaco.

back row, standing: Tony Gabriel, Angelo Capaldo, Philip Sardo, Sebastiano Fabrizio, Alfonso Sardo, Anthony Fabrizio, Valentino Doloisio, Mike Alexander. The dog in photo belonged to Mr. Doloisio.