Sex Offender Level 1

City of Cortland


Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act
against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.


Offender Id:  7388 Race:  White
Last Name:  Card, Jr. Ethnicity:  Not Hispanic
First Name:  Duane Height:  6' 2"
Middle Name:  R Weight:  180
DOB:  07-17-1970 Hair:  Blonde
Sex:  M Eyes:  Hazel
Risk Level:  1 Corr. Lens:  no

Sex Offender Type
Designation: No Designation Applies




Ending Date

90 Day Verification

02-25-1998   02-25-2018 No



Suprv. Agency

Victim Sex/Age

11-15-2005   Female, 13 yrs.

Conviction Charges:

(Please note: a conviction for an attempt is generally punishable at one grade below the classification of the crime attempted, i.e., a rape 2nd degree is punishable as a class D felony while an attempted rape 2nd degree is punishable as a class E felony.)








PL 130.30 01 D Felony 2 Rape 2nd Degree: Person 18 yrs. old or more has intercourse with person less than 15 yrs.
PL 255.25   E Felony 0 Incest: Engage in sexual intercourse or conduct with a related person

Sentence/Release Information:
Incarceration: 1 yr. to 3 yrs. State Prison

Maximum Expiration Date/post Release Supervision Date of Sentence:

The legal dates posted on this site are the dates which were reported at the time of registration and are subject to change. The conditions of supervision are subject to change during the supervision period. The special conditions of release do not apply past the maximum expiration date of sentence because the offender is no longer under supervision by the listed supervising agency for this crime.


Offense Description & Modus Operandi:
Offense Description: 
Relationship to victim: 
Weapon used: 
Force used: 
Computer used: unknown
Pornography involved: unknown


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