Cortland Police Department

Sex Offenders under the jurisdiction of the Cortland City Police Department who reside in the City of Cortland, NY

Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.

NYS law prohibits Level 1 and Level 2 offenders' addresses to be published on the Cortland Police Department's web page.

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Level 1 Offenders
Low Risk
Level 2 Offenders
Moderate Risk
Level 3 Offenders
High Risk

Allington, Jesse

Benjamin, Gary
Berardi, Matthew

Byron, Derrick
Crouch, Timmy

Czimmer, Jeff

Dowd, James

Duff, Daniel

Feringa, Jason

Feringa, Tanya
Fidler, Glenn
Flavin, Jason
Glass, Douglas

Grant, Christopher

Gray, Daniel
Griffin, Shawn

Hade, Tonka

Hall, John

Hewitt, Matthew

Hopkins, David

Kolb, James

Lefever, Ryan
Lellig, John

Lockwood, Brian
Martin, Edward

Meador, Nathaniel

Monahan, Michael
Mosqueda, Jose

Pasciuto, Anthony

Phillips, William

Sebring, Frederick
Seibel, Vincent

Smith, Christopher

Spaulding, Zachary

Waters, William
Wescott, Michael

West, Brandon
West, Christopher
Whiting, Brandon

Bartholomew, Michael

Berumen, Gustavo

Chambers, Nelson
Cole, Michael

Compagni, Anthoni

Fisk, Gregory

Gardner, Donald E

Gerhart, Daniel

Golden, Kenneth
Greene, Robert

Greene, Shawn M

Greene, Teddy
Griffin, Chad

Gulini, Zachary

Johns, Gary

Jones, James
Lukosavich, Harry

Monahan, Jeffrey

Moore, Leonard
Morelli, Robert

Rathbun, Timothy

Robbins, Emmett G

Schermerhorn, Thomas

Schulze, Mark

Truesdell, Christopher

Tucci, Brandon

Turner, Scott

Vieou, Francis

Wolfe, August

Alex Hart, Dennis

Carpenter, Frederic

Fisk, Thomas

Griest, Donald

Griest, Douglas

Henry, Sheri Lynn
Huller, Mark

Handy, Kevin

Jenney, Mitchell
Means, John

Miller, Kevin

Oneill, Michael R

Post, Richard

Stewart, Travis

Townsend, John
Wing, Chris

Wing, Lester

For more information about Megan's Law (New York Sex Offender Registry) go to the Division of Criminal Justice Services web site.

Also see Parents for Megans Law and the Crime Victim's Center