Mayor's Office

Proclamations 2011

January 13, Bonnie Ann Heath Day

March, Brain Injury Awareness Month

April, Autism Awareness Month

April, Alcohol Awareness Month

April 29, Arbor Day

May, Community Action Month

May 1, American Cancer Society May Day for Relay

July 16, Americans With Disabilities Act 21st Anniversary

Proclamations 2010

February 1-6, Dating Violence Awareness Week

February 25, Senator James L. Seward Day

March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

April 30, Arbor Day

May 1, American Cancer Society May Day for Relay

May 6, Day of Prayer

July 10, Ronnie James Dio Day

July 26, Americans With Disabilities Act 20th Anniversary

September, National Suicide Prevention Month

September 21, Fire Chief Dennis Baron Retirement

Fourth Monday of September, Family Day - A Day to Eat With Your Children

October, Disability Employment Awareness Month

October 3-9, Fire Prevention Week

October 23-31, Red Ribbon Week