Dept. of Public Works (DPW)

Mandatory Recycling Guidelines for Curbside Pick-Up




TV’s, computers, dvd players, etc. must be dropped off at the recycle center, NOT put at the curb. Screens must NOT be broken or they will not be accepted. See details.


Improperly prepared trash and/or recyclables WILL NOT be collected. A sticker explaining the particular problems will be left with the uncollected trash. Uncollected trash, recyclables and/or garbage that is not removed from curbside within 24 hours will subject the landowner to a possible fine plus the cost of having the materials picked up!


These are the holidays for the trash collectors which will cause collection to be delayed:


Important Contact Numbers:

Sanitary Sewer Issues and Contact Numbers:

If you are experiencing sanitary sewer issues you believe may be a direct result from a problem that is associated within the City’s main sewer lines, please call the DPW at 607-756-6221.  If after hours, please contact the City of Cortland Police Department at 607-758-8311 and they will direct your call to the proper agent.


Sidewalks are the property owners responsibility. Please keep walks clear of snow, ice and debris.

Please report plow damaged lawns to (607) 756-6221.

To report damaged or malfunctioning street lights, please submit this form.