City Commissions and Boards

Water Advisory Board

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm, Armory Building, 25 Wheeler Ave.

Water Department Advisory Board

There shall be a Water Department Advisory Board consisting of six members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by the Common Council. In the first year, two members shall be appointed for one-year terms, two members shall be appointed for two-year terms, and two members shall be appointed for three-year terms; thereafter, each year, two members shall be appointed for two-year terms. Board members shall serve with no compensation, except the Common Council may authorize reimbursement of expenses. The Board shall, at the beginning of each year, elect one of its members as Chairman.

Powers and duties of Water Department Advisory Board.

The Water Department Advisory Board shall have the powers and duties to:

A. Adjudicate grievances presented by any user aggrieved by his water bill. The Board shall have the power to affirm or modify the water charge, must state its reasons for its decisions in writing, and shall order that a refund be paid to the grievant if its decision involves modification of the water bill.

B. Review and resolve, if possible, any operational problems within the Department, and any complaints by citizens, with the assistance of the Director of Administration and Finance.

C. Counsel the Department on the administration and operations of the Department as the Mayor or the Director of Administration and Finance may request, or as the Board deems necessary.

D. Review the information provided by the Director of Administration and Finance relating to personnel matters, and make recommendations for the resolution of problems relating to such matters.

E. Review the proposed Water Department annual budget and proposed water usage rates as presented by the Mayor and the Common Council, and advise the Common Council on any recommended amendments to the proposed budget or water rates.