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Police Commission

4th Wednesday of the month, 3:15 pm, Mayor's Conference Room

Chair: James Sponaugle

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Police Commission; membership; appointment; term; compensation.

There shall be a Police Commission consisting of three members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by the Common Council. The Commissioners shall serve three-year terms with no compensation, except the Common Council may authorize compensation for expenses. The Police Commission shall at the beginning of each year elect one of its members as Chairman.

Powers and duties of Police Commission.

The Police Commission shall have the powers and duties to:

A. Submit to the Mayor the names of at least three qualified candidates, if there are three qualified candidates on the list of names reviewed and evaluated pursuant to § C4-3C for the position of Police Chief.

B. Assist the Police Chief when requested with regard to promotions, disciplinary and other personnel matters.

C. Review the estimates of revenues and proposed expenditures and capital program of the Police Department and make recommendations to the Mayor and Capital Program Committee, respectively.

D. Review all complaints by citizens and, with the Police Chief, devise solutions to valid problems in departmental operations.

E. Advise the Police Chief on the administration and operations of the Department as he or the Mayor may request or as the Commission may deem necessary.