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Planning Commission

4th Monday of the month, 5:15 pm, in the Mayor's Conference Room

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Jeff Gebhardt
87 N. Main Street
Cortland, NY 13045

Members; terms; compensation; Chairman; qualification and requalification.

There shall be a Planning Commission consisting of seven members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by the Common Council. The Commissioners shall serve three-year terms with no compensation, except the Council may authorize compensation for expenses. The Planning Commission shall, at the beginning of each year, elect one of its members as Chairman. Each Commissioner, within 12 months of appointment, shall complete a basic qualification program for Planning Board members and shall thereafter participate annually in a continuing education course to be approved by the Common Council upon the recommendation of the Commission.

The Planning Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

A. To prepare, adopt and from time to time to revise a Comprehensive Master Plan for the development of the entire area of the City pursuant to this chapter. The Master Plan and all modifications thereof shall be on file in the office of the City Clerk.

B. To advise the Common Council or any other body, department, official or agency having jurisdiction with respect to any subject of the Master Plan or to any policy or procedure relating thereto, to the end that the Master Plan shall serve as a guide for public policies, procedures and actions relating to the subjects thereto.

C. To review the City capital improvements program prepared by the Capital Program Committee and to make written recommendations on capital expenditure priorities to the Mayor and the Common Council.

D. To study and consider all proposed amendments to the Planning and Zoning Ordinance of the City,

Editor's Note: See Ch. 300, Zoning; and Ch. 250, Subdivision of Land.including all proposed changes in the boundaries of districts established thereby, and to submit to the Zoning Board a definite recommendation thereon, prior to the adoption of any amendment by the Common Council.

E. To pass on the plats of all proposed subdivisions of lands showing new streets or highways.

F. To advise the Common Council with respect to proposed acquisition or alienation of land. The Common Council shall not acquire any land for any purpose by any means except by tax sale or foreclosure and shall not alienate any lands by any means until such proposed acquisition or alienation shall first have been referred to the Planning Commission for a report thereon.

G. To advise the Common Council with respect to any proposed change in the Official Map of the City.

H. To advise the Zoning Board of Appeals with respect to the granting of special permits as provided in the Planning and Zoning Ordinance.

I. To act on any matter on which the Planning Commission is required or authorized to act by the provisions of this article or of any ordinance of the City or any general law or by any action of the Common Council.

J. To utilize the county planning staff, pursuant to agreement with the County Planning Board, and to contract for additional expert services needed pursuant to appropriations by the Common Council.