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Meetings will be held quarterly on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Mayor's Conference Room. Interested parties should contact City Hall to verify meetings.

Anyone who wants to attend and has a concern/ problem, please contact the Mayor's Office at 753-0872 or by email at mayor@cortland.or and advise as to the concern so that it can be addressed properly at the meeting.

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Meetings 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015 meeting will be postponed until Monday, September 21, 2015 due to the holiday.

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Aaron Hamid

Establishment; membership; appointment; term; Chairman.

There shall be a Cable Television Commission consisting of eight members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with confirmation of the Common Council. The Board shall have one representative from the Village or Town of Homer who shall be nominated by the Mayor of the Village of Homer, and two representatives from the Town of Cortlandville, one of whom shall be nominated by the Mayor of the Village of McGraw. The Commissioners shall serve three-year terms with no compensation, except that the Common Council may authorize compensation for expenses. The Commission shall, at the beginning of each year, elect one of its members as Chairman.

Powers and duties.

The Cable Television Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

A. To receive in writing, examine and duly record complaints, concerns and suggestions from City residents and/or the licensed cable system company which relate to local cable television and/or radio services.

B. To recommend appropriate courses of action to the Mayor and the Common Council on matters of complaints, concerns and suggestions from City residents and/or the licensed cable system company which the City is under contract with after direct communications, when appropriate, between the City resident and said licensed cable system company have failed to resolve the issue in question.

C. To be knowledgeable of and to review periodically the City's legal contracts with the existing cable system company(s) for the purpose of participation in, on the City's behalf, negotiations on future cable contracts and making recommendations to the Mayor and the Common Council concerning said contracts.

D. To keep the Mayor and Common Council aware of expanding services, reception capabilities, etc., which may become available to City cable subscribers through changes in state and federal regulations as well as new technology.

E. To annually review the geographic areas in the City which are covered by existing cable system(s) and to recommend to the Mayor and the Common Council and to the contracting cable system company(s) any changes the Cable Commission deems appropriate.

F. To act on any matter on which the Cable Commission is required or authorized to act by the provisions of this Charter or of any other ordinance of the City or any general law or by any contract which the City has with a licensed cable system company or by any action of the Common Council.