Retail Stores in Cortland NY

Harford Glen Water, LLC

P.O. Box 214
331 Creamery Road
Harford, New York 13784

Phone: (866) 844-8351


We are the "ONLY" bottled water produced in Cortland County. Our water is pure. It has nothing removed and nothing added to it. We do NOT use R.O. to purify this water. It is natural........all natural.

All "Spring" water in the state of New York, must come from a bored hole in the ground. All bored holes are known as wells. All bored holes must be at least 10 inches in diameter. I always ask people, to ask their supplier of "spring" water to ask one question...How deep is their bored hole (well).

To us at Harford Glen Water, it is extremely important that our customers know all about us. This property dates back to 1865. In 1875, it was noted on the local maps that it was "Marsh & Son" Cheese factory. It has never been used for a dairy farm at any time. Our water has been classified as "old" water. Water that has been around for millions of years. It takes about 20 years or so for the current rain/snow flakes to make it down to where we pump our water from.

Our water has been refered to as "crispy" by many of our customers. In other words, there is no after taste in our water. Our water is not city water by any means. New York State Certification # 455.