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Parking Ticket Appeal form


    Parking Ticket Appeal Form 25 Court St, Cortland, NY 13045

  2. You can find this number in bold Red or Blue ink on the right side of the ticket.

  3. This box would be checked on the Left side of the ticket in numbers 1-13.

  4. Completed form must be submitted within 5 days of issuance. Use separate appeal form for each ticket or summons received.

    Your appeal will be referred to the Hearing Officer/Panel who will make a final determination. If you have backup documentation to include with your appeal, please email it to You must include your name, ticket number, and license plate number with your documentation or it will not be considered with the appeal. You will be notified by email or mail of the Hearing Officer’s/Panel's decision. If you do not accept the final resolution, you may contact the City of Cortland Traffic Violations Bureau at 607-844-7167 or to arrange for a personal appearance. Your failure to satisfy this obligation may result in: a) An increase in fine b) A SCOFFLAW being placed on your vehicle registration c) Your vehicle being impounded

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