Vendor License and Permit Applications

The City requires a permit or license for food and mobile ice cream vendors, door-to-door vendors and Dairy Parade vendors. 

Food Vendor Permit Application

Any vending of food from any vehicle, pushcart, or stand in a public place that is in front of or adjacent to an established business requires a Food Vendor Permit. 

Business - Temporary Food Permit Application

Temporary food vendors wishing to operate on the property of a business with 200 or more employees must receive a permit. 

Food Vendor Special Event Permit Application

This application applies to vendors wishing to sell food during a Special Event for which the City has issued a permit. Any food vendors operating during a Special Event must first receive a permit. 

Mobile Ice Cream Vendor

Any mobile ice cream vendor wishing to operate within the City of Cortland is required to have a permit. 

Door-to-Door Vendor's License Application

This application must be submitted to obtain a license for any door-to-door activity which involves commercial activity, sale of items or solicitation of donations/contributions. A vendor’s license is not required for door-to-door activity having the purpose of providing information, outreach or for gathering of petition signatures. Please allow 3 days for approval. 

Dairy Parade Vendor Application

This application must be submitted to obtain a license to sell goods during the annual Dairy Parade. Please submit at least two weeks prior to the date of the Dairy parade.