Cortland County History

  1. Agriculture

    The settlers transformed this heavily wooded region into tillable acres supporting mixed crop agriculture.

  2. Beginnings

    Cortland County is located in the glaciated Appalachian Plateau area of Central New York, midway between Syracuse and Binghamton.

  3. Education

    State University College at Cortland is a four-year program, higher education school in Cortland.

  4. Industry

    The county's industrial history goes back to 1789 when the first grist mill in the county was established in the Town of Homer.

  5. Military

    The County of Cortland has a rich military history.

  6. The People

    The first settlers of Cortland County were primarily of English and Dutch descent and most had been born in the United States.

  7. Recreation

    Outdoor recreation is an important employer in Cortland County year-round. There are also a number of indoor recreational activities in Cortland County.

  8. Settlement

    Eastern New Yorkers and New Englanders, wanting new land to farm, welcomed the opening of this frontier.

  9. Today's Economy

    Get a brief overview of today's economy in Cortland County.