Historians of Cortland County

Historians of Cortland County provide the following services:
  • Interpretation of past, through research and writing on aspects of one's local government, residents, businesses, and organizations.
  • Interpreting of community history through public presentations, programs and exhibits.
  • Serves as an advocate to preserve and protect buildings and sites of historic significance.
  • Serves as an advocate to preserve documents which contain historical value.
  • Promote activities which commemorate historical anniversaries and events.
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Cortland County Historical Society

Suggett House Museum/Kellogg Memorial Research Library
Tabitha Scoville, Director
25 Homer Avenue
Cortland, NY 13045-2056
Phone: 607-756-6071

Town of Cincinnatus Historian

Tabitha Scoville
2816 Cincinnatus Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040-9669

Phone: 607-863-4391

City of Cortland Historian

 Kathleen O'Connell
35 Greenbush Street
Cortland NY 13045

Town of Cortlandville Historian

Ronal L. Rocco

Town Hall, 3577 Terrace Road
Cortland, NY 13045

Town of Cuyler Historian

Ann Ludke
Email Ann Ludke

4721 Bennett Road
Cuyler, NY 13158-9621

Phone: 607-842-6781

Town of Freetown Historian

Randy Hopkins
Email Randy Hopkins

4801 McGraw-Marathon Road
Marathon, NY 13803

Town of Harford Historian

George Chevalier

P.O. Box 116
Harford, NY 13784

Phone: 607-844-8575

Town of Homer Historian

Martin Sweeney
21 Brentwood Drive
Homer, NY 13077

Phone: 607-749-7120

Village of Homer Historian

Martin Sweeny

21 Brentwood Drive
Homer, NY 13077

Phone: 607-749-7120

Town of Lapeer Historian

Cindy McFarland (Lapeer Town Clerk/Tax Collector/Registrar Vital Statistics)

Email Cindy McFarland

2011 State Route 221

Marathon, NY 13803

Phone: 607-849-6381

Fax: 607-849-6381

Town of Marathon Historian

Patricia McConnell

1 South Street

Marathon, NY 13803

Phone: 607-849-3661

Village of McGraw Historian

Mary Kimberly

Email Mary Kimberly

P.O. Box 537

McGraw, NY 13101-0537

Phone: 607-836-6738

Town of Preble Historian

Judah (Jay) Currie


P.O. Box 234

Preble, NY 13141

Phone: 607-280-0492


Town of Scott Historian

Cathy Barber

Email Cathy Barber

Town Hall

6689 Route 41

Homer, NY 13077

Phone: 607-749-2902

Town of Solon Historian

Wanda Petrella

Email Wanda Petrella

4092 Lapp Hill Road

McGraw, NY 13101

Phone: 607-836-6888

Town of Taylor Historian

Nancy Elwood

3845 Cheningo Solon Pond Road

Cincinnatus, NY 13040-9643

Phone: 607-863-3556

Town of Truxton Historian

Donald McCall

3703 Route 13

Truxton, NY 13158-0098

Phone: 607-842-6684

Town of Virgil Historian

Marcia Powell

1176 Church Street

Cortland, NY 13045-9408

Phone: 607-835-6321

Town of Willet Historian

Shirley Pember

P.O. Box 35

Willet, NY 13863

Phone: 607-863-3344