Tree Planting Program

In previous years, applications for the City's free tree planting program were accepted in the spring of the year in which the trees were planted. New this year, the City will be soliciting applications this Fall for trees to be planted in the spring of 2017. The change in process will allow the City to better administer the Program. More information about the Tree Program, an online application, and pictures of the tree species for 2017 are available now. Please note that the City will not be soliciting applications in the spring of 2017.

2017 Tree Planting Program Details

Applications Now Closed
The City is pleased to offer a beautiful tree for your property's right-of-way.

The City of Cortland's Landscape and Design Commission (LDC) has chosen six species of street trees for planting under the city's annual Tree Program. The species of tree to be planted on your property will be determined by the LDC based on overhead and underground utilities, site conditions, tree availability, and your input. The City DPW will plant the trees without cost to you. You will be notified of the tree species and location prior to planting.

If you accept a tree, you must agree to maintain and care for the tree with regular watering. You must not transplant, disturb or harm your tree. Mulch may not touch the tree, and mowers or string trimmers must not nick the bark. Unfortunately, your tree cannot be guaranteed and may not be replaced if it does not survive. Your City property and school taxes must be up to date.

This project has been funded by the National Grid 10,000 Trees and Growing Program and the City of Cortland. Trees will be planted in May 2017.

For questions or further information, please contact Diane at 607-753-0146 or Linda at 607-753-1433. If you would like to honor a special individual by purchasing a memorial tree for a park or other public space, please contact Diane Batzing at 607-753-0146, or by email.

Underwire Trees

"Imperial" Locust

Imperial Locust Tree
  • Rounded
  • 35 feet in height
  • 35 feet in spread
  • Small leaflets


Yellowwood Tree
  • 40 feet in height
  • 35 feet in spread
  • White, pendulous, fragrant flowers in early summer

"Imperial" Locust

Imperial Locust Tree
Branch structure of adult "Imperial" Locust tree.

"Sugar Cone" Maple

Sugar Cone Maple Tree
  • 25 feet in height
  • 13 feet in spread
  • Dwarf/compact tree
  • Very dense in leaf

"Autumn Blaze" Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree


Hackberry Tree

"Heritage" Oak

Heritage Oak Tree
  • 50 feet in height
  • 40 feet in spread
  • Bright red fall color
  • Fast grower

"Heritage" Oak Leaf

Heritage Oak Leaf
  • Dark green
  • Mildew-resistant
  • 60 feet in height
  • 40 feet in spread
  • Native specimen
  • 50 feet in height
  • 40 feet in spread
  • Pyramidal