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Cortland Fire Station

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For further information regarding Department events and programs, visit the Cortland Fire Department Website.
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  1. Become a Career Firefighter

    View the necessary qualifications and steps to become a career firefighter with the Cortland Fire Department.

  2. Bed Bug Control

    Bed bugs have gradually become a common urban pest in the past decade. Find helpful resources for dealing with your bed bug problem.

  3. Code Enforcement Division

    The mission of the City of Cortland Code Enforcement Division is to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and visitors of our community through education, enforcement and impartial application of all laws and ordinances under our jurisdiction.

  4. Emergency 911 Address & House Number

    View guidelines to assist you in correctly posting an emergency 911 address number, so that the City of Cortland can find you quickly in an emergency.

  5. Knox HomeBox

    Learn more about the Knox HomeBox Rapid Access System for homeowners.

  6. Red Cross Free Smoke Alarm Program

    In partnership with local fire departments, community groups and corporate supporters, the American Red Cross is offering free smoke alarms to residents and providing fire preparedness education to hundreds of local families through their ongoing Home Fire Campaign.

  7. Sign Up to Become a Volunteer Firefighter

    Application to the volunteer component of the Fire Department only requires that you be a healthy, ambitious adult, 18 years or older, of good character, possess a valid drivers license, and provide the commitment to meet the training requirements. Complete an online application now!

  8. Vacant Building Placards

    Any vacant or abandoned buildings or structures determined to be unsafe must be marked by placards on the front of the structure and on the side of each entrance. Learn more about the different types of vacant building placards.

  9. Ground Sparklers

    Ground Sparklers